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Some men are blessed with the thick and full beard, as if they were always meant to have one. Others struggle to grow a beard because of bare spots caused by accidental scars, acne, burns, surgery or hormonal imbalances. It’s known from centuries that a strong facial hair can be a defining feature in Males. Patchy or spotty facial hair in men can be unattractive. Thus, it’s natural to wish for a prolific or healthy lush beard, sideburns or moustache. With latest hair transplant technologies, it’s possible for everyone to grow striking thick beard. Hair Klinik has worked with hundreds of men with our successful facial hair restoration process. We only use proven processes for facial hair restoration.

Beard Transplant Procedure

FUE is the most common method of beard transplants. Just like the regular FUE hair transplant surgery on the scalp, the donor grafts are harvested from the sides or the back of the scalp, depending upon the closest match. Facial hair transplant is a meticulous process as it requires matching the hair pattern with the existing facial hair, to make it look natural. Common FUE procedures can transect the bulb of the follicle during extraction from the donor area. At Hair Klinik, during facial hair transplant, follicles are carefully separated under magnification preventing damage to each and every hair at the donor area.

During this minimally medical procedure, donor hair is taken from the scalp one unit at a time. Donor area for follicle is chosen based on the requirement of texture, color, tone and density of the current or desired facial hair. The extracted follicular units are then carefully transplanted one by one, onto the desired area at the exact angle and direction as that of the existing natural hair. The procedure is almost completed in one session, with our surgeons using a local anesthesia or oral sedation to avoid any discomfort. As with other FUE procedures, patients should expect a fast recovery. Once the facial hair has grown, it can be trimmed or shaved as normal facial hair. It takes a few months to see a noticeable difference, once the facial hair regrows on its own.

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  • Advanced beard transplant process
  • Experienced surgeons
  • Minimally invasive technique
  • Leaves no scars upon successful transplant
  • Usually one-time procedure
  • Individual follicular unit extraction resulting in natural looking beard or sideburns or goatee
  • Takes one sitting to get transplant
  • Highest transplant grafts survival rate
  • Our Success stories of beard transplant in India

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best hair transplant in lucknow

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