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Eyebrows form one of the most prominent facial characteristics. Eyebrows shape the face & are crucial for communication through facial expression. Because eyebrows carry an aesthetic appeal of the face, it’s quite common for people to modify eyebrows to achieve the desired shape, form, length & density.

Apart from aesthetic requirements, there are several instances when people opt for eyebrow transplant, like due to the impact of over plucking, illness, cut or scar, trauma, thin eyebrows or eyebrow hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. FUE Hair transplant at Hair Klinik is a revolutionary way to address the eyebrow hair loss.

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

Eyebrow restoration is a type of facial hair transplant performed at Hair Klinik hair transplant clinics in India. At Hair Klinik, we offer different eyebrow transplant procedures depending on the patient’s need. We will use scalp grafts for most of the patients. However, grafts from elsewhere on the body are used as an option for patients whose scalps don’t provide proper donor follicles. In most of the facial hair transplant cases, we use the FUE hair transplant process. The eyebrows’ position, symmetry, and thickness are all tailored to a patient’s face and their preferred aesthetic.

This advanced facial hair transplant method is ideal for a smaller sized treatment area, as hair follicle units are extracted one after another with utmost precision. Follicular units are removed from the donor area usually behind the ears and individually grafted onto the outlined area of the eyebrows. The process is minimally invasive and painless, with a local anesthesia to numb the area ensuring the patient’s comfort. The transplant results will be clearly visible in the new eyebrow shape and outline of the patient. Precision is key for an effective eyebrow transplant. Hair Klinik takes pride in perfecting this meticulous process of grafting every single small hair follicle in the correct angle, direction to achieve the desired outcome.

The eyebrow transplant results will be visible normally after a couple of months. The full impact will be visible over the course of the next year. The FUE method of facial hair transplantation offers minimal aftercare and downtime, and significantly less risk of any scarring.

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If your eyebrows are thin or non-existent, consider an eyebrow transplant to achieve the full, attractive, healthy brows you crave. Wondering how great you would look with fuller eyebrows? To find out, book your eyebrow transplant consultation with Hair Klinik, hair transplant clinic Lucknow. Book Consultation

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FAQ on

Eyebrow Transplant

Patients who have lost their eyebrow hairs due to genetical disorders, overplucking, accidental scar or burns are the ideal candidates for an eyebrow transplant. For the men & women who are not happy because of the shape & thickness of the eyebrow, Eyebrow transplant in Delhi can be of great help. If a patient has a medical condition such as alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing alopecia, or certain metabolic conditions that result in the loss of eyebrow hair, they may need further medical consultation to ensure the possibility of hair regrowth following the transplant procedure.
The usual recovery time for eyebrow transplant procedure is roughly a week. Small crusts appear around each transplanted hair post-procedure. These crusts should be softly rinsed while washing the face or taking shower. About 5 – 7 days later, the crusts will stop appearing, leaving small pink skin spots. The pink skin surrounding the grafts will fade over a few weeks and leave the area looking natural with no scarring.
Patients usually experience little or no discomfort following an eyebrow transplant. You should be able to get back to routine activities & work on the following day, although you should abstain from exhausting exercise for a few days to avoid & minimize any swelling.