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Hair Clinic - Lucknow

Hair Transplant or Restoration

Baldness in today’s times is a major cause of concern for majority of people. Earlier baldness used to set in late in life and hence was acceptable to many but now it starts to appear in a fairly younger age resulting in poor appearance which further results in low self-esteem causing problems in professional as well as personal life of the individual.

Beard Transplant

Some men are blessed with the thick and full beard, as if they were always meant to have one. Others struggle to grow a beard because of bare spots caused by accidental scars, acne, burns, surgery or hormonal imbalances. It’s known from centuries that a strong facial hair can be a defining feature in Males. Patchy or spotty facial hair in men can be unattractive. 

Hair Clinic - Lucknow
Hair Clinic - Lucknow

Moustache Transplant

A large number of men consider a thick moustache as a symbol of masculinity. It has been a fashion a statement among many men since centuries. The ability to grow thick hair allows them to style their moustaches and hence change their looks whenever they like.

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows form one of the most prominent facial characteristics. Eyebrows shape the face & are crucial for communication through facial expression. Because eyebrows carry an aesthetic appeal of the face, it’s quite common for people to modify eyebrows to achieve the desired shape, form, length & density.

Hair Clinic - Lucknow
Hair Clinic - Lucknow

Lip Filler

Having beautiful and natural looking lips, can emphasize the smile and achieve a more beautiful balance to the face. As thinning lips become common reality as we get older, the safe and effective anti ageing treatment of lip enhancement has become increasingly popular. 

Chemical Peels

The Chemical Peel Treatment is a technique used to reduce dark spots, improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin by applying the specific chemical solution which targets the problematic areas. The chemical solution causes the peeling of the upper layers of the skin. 

Hair Clinic - Lucknow
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